How to Fax a PDF Online

how to fax a pdf online

The PDF format has become the most popular format in the World to share documents. And that’s because these documents are easily read in any device, it doesn’t matter if you are using a Mac or a PC computer, or an Android or iOS device. But did you know that you can also fax a PDF online
without using a fax machine?

A PDF is a Portable Document Format, a file type that was created back in 1993 by Adobe’s John Warnock. The goal for the PDF was to eventually replace paper documents, and this way reduce the amount of paper consumption in the planet. The advances of digital technology and the availability of electronic devices has expanded the use of the format. These days you can read PDFs for free with the Acrobat Reader, but almost every operating system has a way to read these documents from the start.

More than two decades have passed since the PDF was first introduced. Change is here, it has come slow, but millions of offices now have replaced paper documents with digital ones.

How to Fax a PDF from Your Computer

You can use your computer and Internet connection to fax from your computer, thanks to email fax technology that lets you convert digital files into faxes. This technology has also the same goal as PDFs, to eliminate paper consumption, but also to keep the security of traditional faxing. With a fax machine your only option is to print documents, so you are always wasting paper, even when the document is not so important.

But faxing a PDF is also way faster with your computer. You don’t have to print and scan a copy a document anymore, you simply upload it from your computer and the service will convert, then send it to its destination. Let’s take a look at the top ways you can send a PDF to a fax machine.

1. Using an Email Fax Service

This is the easiest way to fax a PDF. Email fax services basically let you fax many types of files in the same way you send an email. You just have to attach your PDF to the email and then send it using the steps detailed in our tutorial on how to send fax from email.

Faxing this way is very easy, but you’ll need an account with an online fax services. You can find plans for affordable price, but it’s a good idea to begin with a free trial account. This way you’ll learn how email faxing work without spending a dime.

Once you have an active account with an online fax provider, head over to your email and compose a new email message. Just add the number on the TO field, followed by (replace with the domain given by your service), attach the PDF and send it! After about a minute your fax will finish transmitting, you just have to wait for a confirmation message.

Attach the documents using these buttons:

Screenshot create new email


Faxing with a service is a good idea for offices that rely heavily on these types of documents. There are plans with different faxing volumes, and they offer great features that you won’t be able to enjoy with a fax machine.

2. Using a Free Website

There are many sites that let you fax PDFs for free, but all of them have limitations. From all the best alternatives on the Web, the one that is worth checking out is HelloFax. You can create a free account with them and send a limited amount of faxes. HelloFax works with different file types, included the PDF.

Head over to your Hellofax dashboard and you’ll notice that you can upload a document from your computer, but also from cloud storage services.

hellofax screen

Hellofax makes it very easy to send a fax without much clutter and it has a pretty cool design. If you just want to send 1-2 pages and then forget about faxing, this is the option we would recommend.

Start Faxing Now

We hope this article has helped you understand the ways you can fax a PDF online. You can finally break free from your fax machine. If you need to, you can also receive faxes as PDFs, just use a service and your free number will convert faxes to digital files. Fax straight from your computer and help save not only time and money, but trees as well by faxing more effectively.