Best Gmail Fax Services, Reviews and Comparison

the best gmail fax services of 2018

Choosing a good service is of extreme importance if you want to have a smooth experience when faxing from email.  In this article you will find our top recommendations as well as tips on how to make the best choice.

Online fax services have radically transformed the way we fax, but still there are a lot of people who think that faxing through a machine is a better idea.

#1 RingCentral Fax

RingCentral is one of the key companies in the market of online faxing, with years of experience not only with digital fax, but with other virtual office products as well which are all part of their RingCentral Office plan. Luckily, they have plans for people who are only interested in faxing with their RingCentral Fax service.

#2 eFax

On the second spot we have eFax, perhaps the biggest online fax provider in the World, and we mean the World, because unlike similar competitors, this company provides accounts in dozens of countries around the World, with local and sometimes toll-free fax numbers in thousands of cities.

#3 MyFax

MyFax is a company that is not as big as the two preceding this list, but it has some cool features at an affordable price.  This is the company that has the biggest file-compatibility, working with several known as well as obscure formats that you might end up using in your office.  This makes faxing easier as you won’t need to spend time converting a document and making sure the conversion works as intended.

How We Choose the Best Services

There are some important factors we follow (and recommend you do too) when evaluating a service.

  • Ease of use.  This should be evaluated right from the get-go: is it possible to create an account in just a few minutes?,  Do they provide easy-to-follow instructions to set up a service?, Is it easy to cancel it if you are dissatisfied/want to cancel a free trial?
  • Plans & Pricing. Both of these factors go hand in hand, so when we rate a service we take into account not only how much it costs, but also how many pages are you allowed to send and receive during a given month.
  • Support. This is a very important item to take into account, specially if you are just learning how to fax online and how to implement advanced features in your office.  The best services have support all day, every day and are always ready to solve any problem you might find along the way.
  • File compatibility. Online faxing is supposed to be faster than fax machines, so it makes no sense having to convert a document to send it as a fax.  It defeats the purpose of faxing from your email.  A good provider must convert all the popular formats out there and also include ones that you may need to fax at one point.  Of course, there are services that also offer compatibility with additional file types.