MyFax Review 2018

MyFax is a great service that provides integration with a big number of file formats.  With years of experience, this company has positioned itself among users who want a simple, yet powerful way of faxing online.

In this review, we will take a look at what makes MyFax a good option to fax online.  First we’ll take a look at its plans, how much their costs, and then we’ll talk about what types of fax numbers can you get with a plan.  Finally, we’ll focus on the additional features they have to make faxing easier.

Read on, and learn more about this fax service before you are ready to try it out.

Plans and Pricing

MyFax offers 3 main plans, depending on how much pages you need to send/receive per month:

  • Home Office User ($10/month).  Lets you send 100 pages and receive 200 pages.
  • Small Business User ($20/month). Lets you send 200 pages and receive 200 pages.
  • Power User ($40/month). Lets you send 400 and receive 400 pages.

In addition, you can also request a custom-tailored plan by speaking directly with a representative. None of these plans require to pay an activation fee for your number.

When it comes to prices, the basic plan cost the average of other competing plans in the market and it lets you send more pages than other alternatives.  It’s worth noting that you this is a contract-free service. It works like subscriptions to other online services, where you are free to cancel at anytime.

They also offer a free trial that lets you test the Home Office User plan for a full month.


Like all online fax services, MyFax offers a set of useful features to take advantage of its digital platform.  Let’s take a look at the most interesting ones:

  • Mobile app.  It’s not the best app out there, but it works perfect for basic faxing capabilities.  The mobile app is really helpful in those cases when you need to respond quickly to a fax but you are far from a fax machine or computer.  We’ve never had a problem with MyFax for Mobile, but it seems there are a number of people who have reported issues on the App Store. This is included with your service, you just need to login with your usual credentials.
  • Fax archiving.  This is quite a common feature among fax services, but ti is good to note that they also offer archiving. This makes it easy to find your faxes if you can’t do so via your email inbox. You can also find your fax logs, complete with all the details of the transmission.
  • Number availability.  MyFax lets you create an account with a local or toll-free number, the choice is up to yours.  But what sets it apart from other companies is that they are able to give you international fax numbers in dozens of countries around the World.  Not all of them have a toll-free option, but at least you’ll be able to communicate locally and increase your virtual presence.  Your account comes with one number included but you can add more by paying an extra fee. The virtual number is always ready to receive faxes, it doesn’t matter if your computer is turned off, because the technology works with external fax servers that are permanently turned on.
  • Multiple supported file formats. As you may know, an important part of a fax service is being able to convert files into faxes.  So what file types can we fax with MyFax?  Well, you can find a wide array of compatible formats that are used in offices around the World.  Among the supported file formats, you can find: PDF, HTML, JPG, GIF, XLS, DOC, TXT, TIFF.  For a complete list of compatible file types, head over to this document.  The conversion takes about 1-2 minute to complete and the quality is good enough to make it readable.
  • Fax over email.  Although using MyFax Central (your user’s dashboard) is the main way to fax online with this company, you can choose to do all your faxing by email.  At the moment of signing up, your fax number will be linked to your email account.  Once this is done, you’ll also be able to send fax as a common email.  You just need to compose a new message, attach the file you want to fax and fill out the rest of the fields as indicated in your welcome email.  On this site, you can also find a guide that lets you do this with Gmail.